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Registering for VAT certificates in multiple European countries can be a daunting challenge for online sellers. When using fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) there is an obligation to register for VAT in five or more EU countries thus compounding the difficulty. The complexities that are involved when applying for VAT registration in Europe are many and divers. The challenge is finding and qualified VAT accountants in several countries - all who speak different languages and all with different procedures and rules pertaining to the application processes in their particular country. Attempting this yourself or without expert help is next to impossible.


At Touchpoint Communications our European network of tax professionals works directly with us to insure you successful VAT registration and regularly scheduled VAT returns. We make the experience stress free and with minimal effort on your part. We provide you with one point of contact who will facilitate and guide your applications through to successful VAT registration as well as keeping you personally updated through the entire VAT registration and reporting process.


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Expanding Your Amazon Sales to the EU?

Expanding into other Amazon marketplaces, namely the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, puts you in front of more consumers. Simple as that. In fact, it puts you in front of potentially 230 million more consumers. But entering into this new marketplace also involves new expenses and tax compliance issues. Decide if it is worth it. Find out more with our free report...




Selecting the

best EU VAT provider

Finding the right EU VAT accountants is difficult. It tooks us ten months to find our network of certified European VAT accountants. Not all EU accountants do VAT registration and reporting. Not all EU accountants understand the particular requirements of Amazon sellers. And not all EU accountants speak your language. Find out more with our free report...


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