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VAT Registration & Reporting Steps


Step by Step Process for VAT


We do not have a standard price rate for VAT registration in every country. Not every ones' VAT requirements are the same and there are options available that need to be tailored to each client according to their specific needs. Additionally, our costs vary from country to country. Procedures in one country can be far more complex and involve greater cost to us than that others.

We prefer to have a brief interview on the phone with you first and then after we speak to you and find out what your goals are for your current and future Amazon sales in the EU, we will email you a plan with prices tailored to your specific needs. By doing this, we feel we can give you the best pricing available and not have you paying for things you don’t need.

We will ask you a few questions on the phone interview and based on the information you tell us we will send you our VAT Registration and Reporting Fees, and a brief order form by email.

If you agree to the pricing and terms we offer, you then email back to us the completed brief form and we send you out more detailed information and a brief questionnaire in order to find out vital information about you and your business that will be required in the application process. We will also furnish you with a list of documents that we will need to get from you.


Please understand that we will require some participation on your part in terms of signing and returning documents that we send you and some of them will require that they be notarized. Some can be returned to us by email, but others will need to be posted to our accountants directly. We will give you full information and instruction, as these occasions arise. We may also ask you for additional documentation. The speed with which we complete the VAT registrations has a lot to do with how responsive you are to fulfilling the above requests.


Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions or address any concerns you may have along the way. We are here to give you perfect one-on-one customer service and to fully facilitate the processing of your VAT compliance requirements.

We will update you regularly and when your VAT approvals for each country  comes though we will send you a copy of the approvals.


After we get your VAT approval in a country we let you know when the data will be due for your first VAT filing. We will give you full instructions as to what data is needed and how to generate that information from Amazon.  We will send you out reminders at the end of each reporting period as to the dates that we will need your sales data.

After the reports are filed by our accountants, we will email you a copy of the report for your records and if you are not on a direct banking mandate, we will give you instructions on how to pay your VAT tax and when the payment is due to the governments.




If your would like our registration & reporting fees, please request on our contact form.








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