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Length of Time to get VAT Registered


Time to Get VAT


The time it takes to get registered for VAT varies from country to country after the application is sent in. The time frame can also depend on if the registrant is an EU company or a non-EU company. Non-EU companies often take a little longer to get registered.

The UK is usually the fastest from our experience and can take from a couple of weeks to a month. Other countries vary between 30 days and some actually can take as long as 4 months.

The time factor also depends on if the documents requested are sent in to us quickly and completely. Once we have all the documentation we can usually submit the application and the documents within a couple of days.


After the application package is submitted to the governments, we have no control of how long they will take to approve and assign the VAT number.

Sometimes a government will request additional information, in which case a little more time can be added to the process.




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