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The VAT Challenge and our Commitment to Service


VAT Commitment



E-retail sales amounted $2.3 trillion worldwide in 2017. 1.66 billion people made online purchases and it is projected that this amount will grow up to $ 4.48 billion by 2021. More and more companies worldwide is getting in on the opportunity to sell their goods on the internet to new consumer bases in Europe and beyond.

But there are challenges that go with these new online selling opportunities. Meeting VAT obligations in multiple European countries is one of the most daunting for online sellers. When using fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) an obligation to register for VAT in up to seven EU companies occurs thus compounding the difficulty.

The complexities that are involved when applying for VAT registration in Europe are multifaceted. You have seven countries in seven languages with seven procedural rules regarding the application processes. Trying to do it yourself or without expert help is nearly impossible.

In Touchpoint Communications our European network of tax professionals works directly with us to insure successful VAT registration and regularly scheduled VAT report filings stress free and nearly effortless on the part of  the client.  And for our clients, the Amazon seller, we provide one point of contact who will administrate and guide your applications through to successful VAT registration as well as keep you personally updated through the entire process.


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